Tagging videos

This page lets you add "tags" to important sections of a video. Once you've tagged a bunch of videos with common themes, all of the tagged clips can be reassembled into an interactive playlist for you to explore.

This page has four important pieces:

1. The video

  • Click on the video to start or stop playback.
  • Whenever you click on the timeline, the video will jump to that same position.

2. The timeline

The timeline lets you "tag" sections of this video. Any tags you've added will show up here.

  • Click and drag to select a piece of the video where you'd like to add a tag.
  • Click on a tag to adjust its position, preview it, or remove it.
  • Use the zoom buttons in the top-right corner to see more detail and fine-tune your tag positions.

3. The tag list

All the tags you've created (for any videos) are listed here.

  • To add a tag to this video, first click and drag on the timeline to make a selection, then move your mouse over a tag and click "apply".
  • You can add, remove, and rename your tags here. Warning: renaming or deleting a tag will affect all videos that are using that tag!

4. Mark as complete

Once you're happy with this video's tags, mark it as complete so you can keep track of which videos still need tagging.

  • You can always edit a video's tags, even if you've already marked it as complete.

How can we improve the tagging page? How can we improve this help page?

We want the tagging page to be as easy and delightful to use as possible. If you're running into trouble or aren't sure how to do the thing you need, please send us a note!